What types of emails does citysocializer send?

There are 3 main types of emails that you will receive from citysocializer.

1. From other members

These emails notify you about interactions you have with other members; messages, friend requests, social invites etc.

2. From citysocializer

Most popular socials: your weekly newsletter with the best socials coming up in your city

Freebies and offers: membership discounts and partner offers for free stuff

Community news: news, photos reviews of socials happening in your city and the rest of the community to keep you up to date and inspire you for your socials


3. From socials

You can choose to receive emails for the socials you've joined, letting you know when other members join the same social, when there are new comments in the chat, when someone replies to your chat comments and when you've received a compliment.

You can select which of these emails you want to receive for each individual social when you join it and unsubscribe from them at any point from that social's page.






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