Why was my social removed?

Citysocializer is a community of people who are looking to make new new friends and socialize in their city. If your social is deemed not appropriate for our website it may be removed from the site by our admins without any prior notice. Some of the main reasons for removing a social from the site include (but are not limited to) the following:

- The social host is a promoter.

If you are promoting a bar/club or your own business through citysocializer are are not interested in making friends for yourself or intend to be there on the night to welcome and socialize with your guests you can not post this as a social.

In this case please contact our B2B department at to discuss the fee for organising a social in your venue, as we will need to take charge of the event and provide a suitable host.

- The social host is linking to or promoting a different social group.

If you are the owner of a different social group (ie on facebook, meetup etc) you can not post an event that exists on those other groups on citysocializer or link to the other group anywhere on the citysocializer site. This includes your social's description, comments, your profile info etc.

You can only post an event on citysocializer that is exclusive to citysocializer members, where you are looking to make new friends for yourself without any mention of other groups.

- The social is on an inappropriate nature.

If your social contains any explicit content, photos, links or involves adult activities of sexual or violent nature it will be immediately removed and your account may be suspended. Please do not post anything like that on our site.


For more information please make sure you read our Terms of Service

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