What types of compliments can I give?

There are 9 types of compliments to give other members. Choose wisely, as you can only give up to 2 to each member per social.


1. Great Host

Did your host organise an amazing social where you had a great time? Perfect! Let them know by giving them the Great Host compliment. 

2. Cool

Sometimes we meet people who are so cool we are amazed they are real. Give them this compliment to show them how awesome you think they are.

3. Generous

Generous people will always try to share their food or drinks with their friends. Give them some love back and thank them for their generosity with this lovely compliment. 

4. Kind

These members are so nice and friendly you just want to give them a hug and be friends with them. Start by giving them this compliment and they will definitely get a warm fuzzy feeling in their heart. 

5. Funny

You gotta love the funny ones. They are the best to crack you up and have you laughing the whole night with their jokes. Give them this compliment to keep the giggles going. 

6. Brilliant

Give this to that member who is just amazing in every single way, Mary Poppins style. Well done mate, have this compliment and keep being your wonderful self.

7. Crazy

We all know who this is. They always come up with something different that turns out to be great fun or do something silly that has everybody laughing. We definitely need more people like this. 

8. Helpful

Always there to give you a hand when you need it, helpful people will make sure you've found the venue all right, offer to carry some of the drinks if you're getting a round and make everybody feel comfortable around them. They definitely deserve a compliment. 

9. Sparky

One for those bubbly people who would be best described as a ray of sunshine. They brighten up your day so show them some love back with this compliment.


Now head over to your past socials and give all the great people you've met some nice compliments. :)


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