The Happy Snapper Badge (Uploading Photos)

You can earn the Happy Snapper Badge by uploading photos you have taken at your socials to each social's page.


This badge has 6 levels:

1 - Rookie: Upload photos on 1 social

2 - Amateur: Upload photos on 3 socials 

3 - Pro: Upload photos on 10 socials

4 - Expert: Upload photos on 25 socials

5 - Master: Upload photos on 50 socials

6 - Jedi: Upload photos on 100 socials


Keep in mind that only past socials count towards your badge. If you upload photos on a social that has not happened yet the social will count towards your badge only after it takes place.

Profile photos do not count towards this badge, only photos on socials.

The number of photos you upload to each social does not affect the badge; it still counts as one social if you uploaded 1 photo to it or 100.


Other available badges:

The Socializer Badge

The Party Starter Badge

The Networker Badge

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