The website is not working - Usupported Browsers

In order to get the best results please make sure you keep all your systems up to date.


Citysocializer supports the following browsers

- Safari 5 (and newer)

- Firefox 4 (and newer)

- Internet Explorer 10 (and newer)

- Google Chrome (all versions)


The website will not work with any earlier version of your browser. To update your browser to the latest version please check the following links: Safari - Firefox - Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge - Google Chrome


Note 1: The website may not work properly on Chrome on your mobile phone. Please try your phone's default browser instead.


Note 2: For iPhone app users, the app is optimised for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6/Plus and 6S/ 6S Plus. 4S may present some issues occasionally and any earlier versions are no longer supported. Please make sure you keep the app up to date.

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