What are Social Reviews?

After attending a social you will be prompted to review it. Social Reviews are visible on the social page so that the host and the other guests can see what you thought of the venue and the social and they are a great way for you to give your feedback and thank the host.

1. Reviews on the social page

You can review a social from the social page itself once the social is over. This way you will have the chance to review the social and the venue separately and give them different ratings if you wish to.

For example you may have loved the social and the people but thought the venue was a bit small and did not have enough room. You can suggest getting together and finding a different location next time.

2. Quick reviews from the Activity Page.

To make things easier for you there is also the option to review your past socials directly from your homepage. A new section will appear where you can rate the social and write your comments.

Keep in mind this review is for the social as a whole so there is no separate venue section. Once you put in your rating the box for your feedback will appear to write more comments.

When you finish writing your review of the social, click post review. Your review will appear in the Activity for the rest of the community to see.

PS: Only 4 and 5 star reviews show up in the activity. Lower star reviews will only be visible on the social page itself.


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