How to Claim a Social

When you come across one of our Suggested Socials on the website you have the option to claim them and become the host.

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All the information you need for hosting the social is already there (venue, date and time), but you can then add a meetup spot (great for doing outdoor things like markets and festivals) and if you’re meeting in a bar you can go ahead and book a table to make sure you have enough space for all your guests, or just arrive early and find one on the night.

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Once you confirm your spot as a host you’re good to go! You can then post on the chat, say hi and introduce yourself.

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What to do when you can not host your claimed social any more

If something comes up and you are no longer be able to host your claimed social, you should unclaim the social and cancel your place, as your guests may still want to meet up and do something on the night

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Once you have unclaimed the social it will be up for grabs again, so another one of your guests can take over and become the host.

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