How much does membership cost? (subscription plans)

You can pick the plan that works for you according to how much you wish to go out and for how long you would like to be a member.


Monthly Plans:

Socializer (3 socials and 10 messages) - £14.99

VIP (unlimited socials and messages) - £18.99

Quarterly Plans:

Socializer (3 socials and 10 messages per month) - £32.97 (£10.99 per month) 

VIP (unlimited socials and messages) - £38.97 (£12.99 per month) 

Note that the full amount will be billed at the start of each quarter.


All of our membership plans operate with a Continuous Service Agreement, meaning that they will keep renewing until canceled. You can see the status of your membership and the date of the next renewal in your account settings and you are free to cancel at any point.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

How can I change plans?

To become a premium member today please click here!

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