Do I have to pay to use citysocializer?

Citysocializer is free to sign up, take a look around and make some initial connections with other members, but ultimately we charge a membership fee for our services which means you will not be able to attend socials or send messages as a free member.


Premium features include:

- Joining other members' socials

- Sending private messages

Free features include:

- Browsing the socials in your city

- Creating your own socials

- Receiving messages

- Connecting with other members by adding them to your network


Unlike other services you’ll find out there, we’re a premium service that translates right through from your online experience, courtesy of our product, development and customer support team, to the socials you attend and the people you’ll meet offline, guarded by our dedicated Community Operations team who are passionate about ensuring the quality of your experience on the ground.

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