Staying Safe Online and Offline

We work hard to build an open and honest community of outgoing folk who want to meet new people in a group social environment.  Whether you’re headed out to a social, you've connected online with some new people or you’re organising your own activity you shouldn't be afraid to make new connections, but just as you would when meeting someone in a bar for the fist time you should always take precautions to make your personal safety your priority.

Guard your identity.

You would never wander down the street and give your number out to just anyone. Be cautious in sharing your surname, personal phone number, place of work, address or any other identifying information while chatting or emailing until you are comfortable doing so.

Messaging people via your citysocializer mailbox allows you to protect your identity and email address until you choose to reveal it.

Trust your gut.

If you feel unsure about someone, stop communicating immediately, block that user and use our ‘Flag’ feature to report the person to us if you feel they may be dodgy or breaking any of our Terms of Use.

All correspondence will remain totally confidential but it means that we can get in contact with a member if we have concerns over their behaviour.

Examples of breaking our Terms of Use include:

1. Sending sleazy, harassing or offensive emails

2. Behaving inappropriately after meeting in person

3. Fraudulent registration of profiles

4.Spam or solicitation of other services

5. Member asking you for money or donations

6. Any other violation of citysocializers code of conduct.


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