The 3 strikes attendance rule

In order to keep our community cool we have a 3 strikes and your suspend rule. This works as follows:

We provide all members with the ability to mark attendance after their social via the guest list tab on the social page. By selecting ‘didn't attend’ that member is marked and notified of their lack of attendance the next time they log in. They are informed of this via a pop up which warns them of the 3 strikes rule. Members are warned every time they miss a social and are told how many socials they have missed i.e. if it’s the second time they will be notified that their account will be suspended if they miss another social.

If a member does not attend 3 socials consecutively then they will be suspended from the site for 10 days.

This system is in place so that:

1. Members cancel off socials if they are not going to attend
2. We can provide social number accuracy to hosts and venues
3. We can prevent members from booking onto multiple socials at a time
4. Social etiquette and host respect is kept strong within our community

In order to avoid further strikes please remember to book off socials in time or to inform the host as to why you won't be able to attend the social.

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