How do I create a social?

In order to create a social it’s important to give the following information so as citysocializer members can make an informed decision to book onto your social:

Firstly make sure you have a nice, clear personal profile picture – makes it easier for people to spot you at the social and know who it is who’s organised it


Title: Think of a good title for your social – make it stand out from the rest & make people want to find out more.

Categories: make sure you categorize your social so that like minded members will find and book on to your social. 

Pick a picture: choose a picture of which you feel reflects the type of activity that you’re doing on your social.

A brief description: Be detailed but not overwhelming – Let guests know what to expect without overwhelming them with too much information. 

Venue: pick the right place – sounds obvious, but make sure you think about choosing somewhere you’d like to attend, that’s close to good public transport links and that you think will be popular with your fellow members. Don’t forget to add a meet up venue and details if needed.

Add the date & time. Simplessss

Pick the number of guests: sometimes you need to get a small group together for an intimate dinner, other times you can get as many as possible for a big night out. Select the maximum number of guests you would like or leave it blank for an unlimited number. Keep in mind there might be some last minute dropouts so add about 5 people over the number you would ideally like.

Specify who the social is for: you can specify parameters for age and gender so if it’s a girly cocktail evening you’re after, the boys can’t rsvp. Vice-versa too guys.

Ask your guest list a question: i.e. what’s your favourite band? Where do you like to go out? It’s a great way to get the conversation started and break the ice.

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