What is a social?

A Social is any group activity or event on our website.

Socials are organised by our members for the rest of the community, as a means to meet up, do the things members like doing and making new friends offline.

Most of the socials are organised by regular CS members and are pretty casual events. Members who organise socials call themselves hosts and are generally pretty awesome at bringing people together. It is polite to leave them a review after the social to let them know what you thought of it.

Sometimes, we will organise Special Socials for our members. These are bigger events, that attract a lot more members and if there is one happening you should not miss out.

Suggested socials are a special category of socials, without a formal organiser in order to cover key times our members want to go out. Our members can claim them as their own and modify them accordingly.

Read more about hosting your own socials.

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