Promo Code Not Working

If you have received a promo code and it is not working, make sure you check the steps below to solve your issue.

- Select the correct plan: Most codes are only valid for a specific plan. Trying to use it on another plan will not work

- Enter the code manually: If for any reason the link to the page does not work, go to the payments page manually and apply the code at the top and press activate.

- Important: If you have previously bought a subscription and your card details are stored in the system the easy checkout popup will not recognise the promo code, even if you have followed a link with the offer already applied. You need to press 'Update card details' and go to the full payments page, where you enter the payment details manually and then enter the code at the top.


Please look at the images below for further reference.





Only complete your payment when you can see that the correct discount has been applied!


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