Member Disputes - If you have argued/fought or had any dispute with another member online or in person.

While the majority of our members are friendly and welcoming, there is always a chance that you might not get along with another member and have a dispute. Unfortunately when that happens, our company policy is that we do not get involved in any disputes between members. This includes but is not limited to taking sides or acting a mediator to solve arguments.


Steps that you can take following any incident are the following:
- Block the other member so that they don't see your profile on the site and can not contact you
- Submit a report on their profile on the website. This will remain in their record forever. While a one time fight between two members may not necessarily constitute a reason for deleting, repeat offenders will be judged more harshly if proven to consistently create trouble in the community.
- Do not engage the other person via private messages or in the chat of socials or groups.
- Always act with caution and whenever possible try to avoid each other.


If you think the issue is more serious than this or have received any threats please contact the appropriate local authorities.


While we monitor reports that come in about members and socials, any case is judged on an individual basis and previous behaviour on the site is always taken into account when checking if a member needs to be suspended. Members who continuously create problems may be removed from the site if reports continue.


Things to keep in mind:

Any public arguments over chat and group comments will be removed and any members participating in them will receive a warning. If someone is being argumentative, report them. if you attack back you will both receive warnings.

We will not tell the person you fought with to not join socials you are booked on. If they are eligible to join that social, they are free to join it. If you are hosting a social members you have blocked should not be able to see it, which is why we advise blocking the member you have had the dispute with.

For CS socials and verified hosts specifically, all members are free to join official CS socials. If you as a host have had arguments with members, you are expected to still be welcoming, respectful and polite if those members attend any socials you host that are CS branded. Any verified hosts found to stop members from joining official CS socials or creating public arguments in the chats of those or other non CS socials risk their free membership to be immediately removed.




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